Geraiku represents Hope for retailers and producers to sell the best products and services that are economically viable, socially and environmentally responsible.

Geraiku mission is to simplify the process of distributing retail products and services by eliminating pain points for retailers, producers and consumers along the distribution chain.
Geraiku.Store is part of Geraiku Indonesia group of companies focussing on distribution, warehouse fulfilment, supply chain management and retailer development for the underserved business community.

Founded under PT Geraiku Distributor Indonesia, our core mission is to simplify the process and eliminate pain points currently facing the retail industry in ASEAN countries and Indonesia in particular.

Armed with sophisticated Mobile ERP platform, all of Geraiku.Store members are able to manage their daily retail operation at a fraction of the cost normally found in their modern counterpart. Such system with built-in supply chain management and business tools that include digital marketing functionality are allowing traditional merchants to stand at the same level as other modern stores.

Geraiku.Store mobile application is a powerful and compact platform that handles multiple tasks often found in large scale retailers' legacy system.

Designed and developed since 2017, Geraiku.Store mobile app is a collaborative design efforts between our team alongside store members and owners. Such approach towards problem solving have given the app its ease of use and simplicity that suit Asian retailers.

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