With its ever expanding business operation and particularly in the last semester of 2018, the management team decided to spin off its distribution and logistics division as a separate entity therefore forming a group of companies under the same brand name and yet operating different businesses of Geraiku.

Since taking Belfoods, the frozen food producer and gained major leaps in revenue and store acquisition using Geraiku’s proprietary supply chain management system, numerous brands are in discussion to have Geraiku handle and manage their distribution of goods across traditional retailers.

The distribution business started in a humble house located at South Tangerang city of Ciputat back in July 2018 and only taking one frozen foods producer before clocking 150 managed stores by end of November 2018, plus a steady revenue growth of 27% Month on Month.

“Supported and partnered with Triplogic, the distribution business of Geraiku proven to be sustainable and cost less to operate than conventional distributor. We have less sales team therefore less sales call in visiting each store, thanks to Geraiku Mitra app that were heavily use by stores to fulfill their daily and weekly stocks. These are reasons that support our decision to have different team running the business beyond our core technology platform business”, stated Herwinto Ch. Sutantyo, Geraiku Group CEO.

“We have many exciting plans ahead for Geraiku.Store that will definitely beneficial to our traditional retailer partners and align with our mission. We believe and trust our new management team at Geraiku.Store to handle and deliver the best service and high availability of products from our trusted brand partners, which is critical!”, quipped Herwinto.

Best wishes to Geraiku.Store


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